Past Room Designs

So I don’t have pictures going way back into my design days (the photos are floating around SOMEWHERE, I just don’t know where). But for anybody interested, here are some of my previous attempts at interior design, just so people can see what my past attempts looked like.

The furthest back I have is of my high school bedroom, although when I first designed it, I chose dark red, dark blue, and dark green as the colors. After a few years however, I wanted to change it up, so I switched over to earth-tones:
2012-10-21 13.20.12

My first post-college apartment… the room was fairly small, so I didn’t go overboard with furniture or decor or anything… the walls were basically a neutral gold/brown, and I had red/rust/green/orange metal accents, as well as black and silver photo frames, along the walls.


The living room area was a bit more fun. Picked out a bright blue, and had a blue & green theme throughout the area. Painted the wall art myself, and even built some of the floating square shelves myself!
DSC02832 DSC02848

I was also asked by a few friends to design a few of their own apartment rooms for them. This one I did as a surprise for one of them… they only knew as to what color they wanted to paint the wall… I surprised them with some quick -made wall art, and helped them decide on the bedding for the room:
2012-12-29 19.43.19 2012-12-29 19.43.37 2012-12-29 19.44.18

Another commission was to do “something” with a bathroom. They were an OKC Thunder fan, so I picked a few solid color items, threw one of their posters in a frame, and painted up some artwork for the bathroom:
2012-12-29 19.45.08 2012-12-29 19.46.09

So really nothing that’s taken much longer than a few days or a weekend or so to throw together.

This one isn’t quite a bedroom, but I created some Halo furniture (bought the furniture, then added all the artwork) and paintings, so it’s more video-game themed:

This is another half-room design, where my friends weren’t allowed to paint their walls, So I tried to help them “theme” with some large Batman artwork for their “movie room” (The designs aren’t originals… my friends sent me the images of what they wanted, and I tried to re-create them as best I could) The idea is for the large artwork to be in the center, and the smaller pieces to circle around it:

Moving into my own apartment, I got a little more bold with just how much I added in to decorate. First, the Mickey-Mouse-themed bathroom (There are three pieces of wall art in here that I painted):
Bathroom FULL

The “Craft Loft” – Not so much decorating on my part, but I took and empty loft and filled it with artwork I’ve done in years’ past:
Craft Corner EMPTY Craft Corner FULL

Finally, my new living room. I basically decided on a scheme of 4-colors, found a bunch of canvases I already owned, painted up some squares… and Viola!
Living Room Corner EMPTY DSC03261 Fireplace Wall FULL

So yeah, obviously none of these are as extreme as my Portal Room, but I still have fun with them. Hopefully in the future I’ll get a chance to branch out to try some other fun themes, whether they be pop culture, video games, or back on the simple/modern design track!

8 thoughts on “Past Room Designs

  1. You are really great at designing rooms! Keep up the good work, these are amazing!

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  3. Wow you truly are an ARTIST!! You make it sound like you did not spend anytime at all creating the painted artwork in your various rooms and I especially like the Halo Reach table, truly amazing!! 🙂 I for one miss, am truly a FAN and I cannot wait to see what other awesome stuff your creative genius will create.

  4. you are amazingly talented. I want your portal room so bad.

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  6. I have a teenage boy who would love to design his room , but I a on a tiny budget any suggestions?

  7. I have a teenage boy who would love to design his room , but I am on a tiny budget any suggestions?

  8. Eeee! I love your craft loft! Especially the Kingdom Hearts Aurora stained glass window art!

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