The Beginning

So, like I mentioned before, most of my life I’ve always enjoyed interior design. Even as a kid I always wanted to repaint my room a new “theme” every few years or so. I’d try themes such as “ocean” or “jungle,” although starting out that basically meant the walls were sponge-painted different colors, then I’d add some related wallpaper border. During high school/college years, I changed my themes to a more modern look, but kept things pretty generic, so if I moved, I could reuse most of the decor. During and right after college, I had roommates, so I tried to keep things toned down enough that they would like it too (I’ve uploaded a few of these in a separate page on this site if you’re interested)

About a year ago, my roommate got married, and I took the opportunity to find my own place (without any roommates). I found an awesome loft apartment (I’ve always wanted to live in a loft), which came with brand new everything: new appliances, new carpet, new white walls. I thought “Okay, this is my place, I can decorate it however I want… I want to challenge myself to see how awesome I can decorate!”

I wanted to step away from the generic “squares” or “blue and green” theme, and actually try to do an actual “theme.” But was at a loss as to what to do.

The idea hit me when I was wandering through a modern furniture store and saw this:

Infinity Mirror

It’s called an “infinity mirror,” and it blew my mind. I thought it was so cool! And around the same time I found this, I’d finally gotten around to playing Portal 2, so I already had Portal on the brain, so I put two and two together and thought “A PORTAL ROOM!”

I looked all over the internet to see if anybody else had designed a Portal-themed bedroom yet that I could get some inspiration from. I found a few rooms, and some of them were pretty cool, but I just couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved. So I issued myself a challenge: To design from scratch a Portal-themed bedroom that while obviously Portal, would also be aesthetically-pleasing enough that any non-gamer could still look at it and go “Hey, that’s a really neat looking room!” rather than “what’s up with all the weird stuff on the walls?”

At this point in time, I had no intention of including infinity mirrors, mainly because the ones I found for sale were shockingly expensive. So even though the infinity mirror inspired me, I set that piece to the side, not realizing in the end, I’d have (what I think) are the coolest infinity mirrors to ever have been made!

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