The Furniture

While my goal was to be “Portal-themed,” I’m still such a sucker for modern art, my goal was to still try to keep a clean look with all the furniture. Thankfully, I already had most of the furniture, and didn’t buy anything specifically to match the “Portal room.” Any furniture I had/bought, I got because I like the modern/black look.

Prepac BrisbaneThis collection is called “Prepac Brisbane Collection.” When I initially purchased my furniture, I was able to get a twin-sized frame, the headboard, the foot-storage (although the one I got was a bit longer than what they sell in the collection now), a nightstand, and the dresser, through, all for $500.

But obviously, the twin-sized frame had been what I bought when I was living in a smaller apartment with less space, and now that I had a place of my own, could finally upgrade.

I looked for weeks and weeks to find a nice basic platform bed (it’s hard to find one that isn’t too large or expensive). I finally found one that I liked at Ikea:

Malm Bed FrameThis IKEA Malm bed frame cost $200 ($150 + $50 for the bed slats, as IKEA likes to do). They had this style in a low and high frame-style. I chose the low-style, because I thought it helped make the room look larger, and worked better with having the Chell poster centered above it.

So furniture-wise, I had the queen-size platform frame, one nightstand, one dresser, and the foot-locker-storage thing, which I slightly altered:


I cut out foam board squares, then sketched out various Portal “warning signs” (Which I see everywhere in-game), then got some cheap bookends from Walmart, and taped them to the bookends.

FootlockerUnfortunately, throughout this design process, I never came up with a satisfactory “Companion cube” for my room, so for now I settled with a “Falling cube” warning sign (it’s not quite a companion cube, but it’s better than nothing I suppose!)

And that’s all for the furniture!

One thought on “The Furniture

  1. Really? You couldn’t find a suitable companion cube? ThinkGeek sells a perfect one (authorized by Valve, so they get a little moolah for the use of their Intellectual Property as well). It’s small (about 6 inches to a side) but very cool looking, comfortable to use as a camp pillow, and would probably make a great addition. Might want to check it out!

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