The Wall Art

So in the room there are two types of art: ones on canvas, and ones in poster frames. Everything within poster frames I bought, and the canvas art I painted using 10″ x 10″ canvas squares.

I got this set of 4 posters from the online Valve Store for $15. The largest poster is 24″ x 36″, and the other two I used (I decided against including the 4th poster in the room, just to avoid it looking too “busy’) were 18″ x 24” each. I bought black poster frames 50% off at Michaels/Hobby Lobby.


The Chell Poster I was also able to purchase through the Valve store, although currently it doesn’t look like they are selling it anymore. I really liked seeing this in Portal 2, and when I saw it was a giant poster, knew I wanted it as the “centerpiece” above the bed.

squares3 squares1 squares2These are the canvases I painted. My thought-process was to put the arrow and “Exit” sign above the bedroom door (since technically that would be the “exit” from the room), the cake sign above the closet (and had the “Cake is a lie” scribble inside). I wanted to put stuff above the curtains, just so I’d have the art evenly spaced throughout the room, so I decided to be creative and just do an Atlas and Peabody one, then an Aperture logo, and paint them orange and blue rather than just black (I used the same orange and blue paint as what’s on the walls).

OrangeWall1 DSC04141 Here’s closeups on the portal dots. As I mentioned previously, I lightened the paint a bit for the highlights on the dots and squares. The dots don’t make much sense practical-wise… I just wanted to have them on opposite sides of the room, so for looks sake, I just had the dots “start” at an outlet or switch, and had them lead to the top of either the door, or near the Portal gun. You can use your imagination as to how that would work in a real test chamber 😛

lie1 20121111_204653And the “Cake is a lie” closet! This idea really did just hit me one Sunday afternoon… I think I was watching Doctor Who or something, and got this idea, and just ran into my room, slapped some black paint on my hand and went at it. I thought about doing more graffiti, like a flying companion cube or something (like in the game)… but got bored after the few tally marks and called it good :).

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