The Finished Product (With the Lights On!)

So there you have it, hopefuly a somewhat comprehensive understanding of how I got from boring white walls, to awesome-sauce. So here is what the room looks like once you’ve put everything together:







And now for a few Panoramic shots:


PanoramD1 (2)


All in all, not too shabby I think (again, the comforter looks way off in these photos… in the actual room it matches the walls… I didn’t want to go through the trouble of matching the hues in Photoshop the way they look in person :-P)

3 thoughts on “The Finished Product (With the Lights On!)

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  2. For applying the elephant skin and mined coal colors did you sponge those on the wall?

    • I actually used a drybrush technique, so I could fade the colors out so they blended together. I took one of those larger artists paintbrushes you can get from a craft store, I painted a solid line, then feathered it out to blend it in!

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